In addition to physician services provided at our Saugatuck location, Good Intentions has significant operations in Illinois and nationally.  These include:

The Thomas Jefferson Project was established in 2013 and is a national patient advocacy organization that supoports favorable medical marijuana law, regulation and public policy. It is supported by patients in Michigan, Illinois and around the country, and is active in local, state and federal politics.  We encourage you to become a member.

​Good Intentions Consulting Services works with individuals, businesses and local governments on a wide range of engagements.   Our work is focused on engendering success for people and governments involved in the medical marijuana industry.

As Good Intentions continues to expand into new geographic areas, some states with medical marijuana programs require participants to have a fingerprint and background check.  We established MedPrints to assist patients with this requirement, including our first office in Chicago.  Nationally, we are engaged in a joint venture with Accurate Biometrics, a recognized leader in this arena.

Good Intentions Chicago opened in ?August 2013 and was the first medical marijuana business in Illinois.  We proudly offer Illinoisans a broad array of services related to the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, including a Comprehensive Service Plan that assists people with qualifying medical conditions in participating in the program.